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Goodbye Armenia

1 Sep

I was able to change my flight to Sunday from Saturday – giving myself one day for my self to take in the last sights of Ararat and Yerevan. Of course Mt. Ararat refused to show itself, hopefully tomorrow when i take off in the morning. It was a perfect day – complete with breakfast in bed, exercise,  food and more food, walk around, visit my favourite church and drive around in the rain.

Today was a perfect end to my last week which was packed with goodbyes to my donor partners, my Ministry counterparts and our implementing partners. We shared common vision and challenges and recognised that there is so much potential and need to to do so much more.

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I am not going to say any parting words as i know i will be back in Armenia, as a tourist.

Empty houses

1 Sep

All is gone. Flowers and memories remain. My day was packed with goodbyes to wonderful colleagues and friends. I will miss being here. Right now on my balcony, near full moon, clear sky after a bit of a storm and the city bright and alive.



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