Obama in Madison

5 Oct

When the President comes to town, its huge, especially so close to the elections, and very very exciting.  Security teams doing the sweeps. Organizing for Obama volunteers working 7/24. In three days notice, we had mobilized over 300 volunteers for the many many important tasks that had to be done inside and outside of Basom Hill.  The aim was to make the job of the security teams easy by taking care of everything before the ticket holder gets to the screening point.  The aim was to get 10,000 people per hour through the security mags. We did it. I was told that there were 25,000 people. Many had to be turned away as there was no place. Jeff did not make it. The first person to stand in line came at 7 in the morning or maybe even slept overnight. would not say.  I was there working as a volunteer/staff leading one of the volunteer teams. Everyone did a huge job today.  Obama was great and fired up.  some pictures below of the different events

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– it all ended with a glass of wine for me in cerebration.


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