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what does one do after thanksgiving – take a long walk

26 Nov

You eat too much, you drink a bit too and there is always too much family. But then there is your family in India and Berkeley that you miss so much. So to clear your head a bit, after all the indulgence of love, food an good time, you take a long and a very long walk, in cold cold clear moon light night of Madison by the lake. And, clarity, here you are. thank you.

Back again – my first two months in Madison

25 Nov

I have been negligence and have not shared my daily reflections or short impressions since October.  I have been busy. Busy learning about football which is a must for survival here. Football is serious business in the Midwest, if not in the whole country.  So i now know what is a “punt, pass, tackle, hike, hand- off and pocket.” Madison streets are quiet when the Badgers and Packers are playing.  But every TV screen is on.  There is celebrations and other times hearts are broken when the team loses.

I also learned about grass roots organization while working on the Obama campaign.   I was immensely impressed by the planning and the outreach effort of the local offices.  “No vote must be lost” was the motto.   Working with volunteers, talking to people about issues and engaging them to discuss what is most important to them, was rewarding as it was challenging.

After the elections, the holiday season is here.  I posted some pictures on face book of our get together with Jeff’s family and friends.   As we enjoyed so much of the delicious food and I was thankful for it and being together, I was also reminded of the others who find this holiday depressing as  they don’t have families to share it with, nor the  food.

Christmas is around the corner. Many houses have lights up and we plan to decorate the condo on Monday – so a blog will follow.  Meanwhile enjoy some more pictures of Madison and its surroundings.

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