Spam, heads up. Please share

4 Jan

This morning, I received a convincing call from business computer type people telling me that my computer had been hacked. The person calling game me his name and said he was from Microsoft windows and they had seen a red elert on my computer. When I asked them how they knew they said they are the manufacturers and can get elerts when a computer is being hacked at the level men was. This sounded suspicious. Then I asked them how do I know they are Microsoft and they asked me to type the ID number after clicking the windows icon and sure enough my information was there. By doing that they had access to my desk top and were showing me all the programs that were hacked and how serious this was. I did panic a bit, bit when I asked them what I need to do, the guy said that his supervisor will be able to help me. Then they typed some options on the screen for me to buy special security that only windows run. And this was happening on my screen with them controlling it. I told them that i can not give credit information on the phone, i was told a secure screen will appear. By then i got real suspicious and worried as they had control of my computer.  So i said, you are telling me that my computer is hacked but how do i know your secure screen is safe. Meanwhile i called the support team from where i had bought the computer and luckily some one responded and they told me that this was a spam.  My computer support team informed me that it is easy to get an computer ID from the phone number as when i purchased it i used my phone number. i was also educated in that the hackers can create false desk top screens to scare the person into believing that the computer was hacked and many people fall for it and buy the product they are selling, but by giving the credit card information, they already got you.   I went back to my other phone and told these bad guys to get off my computer and they they were very very bad people.  The sounded just like all the people on the call centers, so were very believable. i am trying to figure out how to contact Microsoft support tea, the real one, and tell them about it.  Meanwhile am taking my computer in to get screened.

Please share widely. i am a smart person and nearly fell for this.

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