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Mothers Day

13 May

Mothers Day – a day to celebrate all mothers around the world. Mothers who give us courage to be who we are. We spent our mothers day at Jeffrey’s cabin in Columbia county in Madison near Portage with his sister and his niece. We ate, talked and of course had some drinks under the most bluest of blue skies. The air was crisp with a hint of cold, but not cold enough to be outdoors. We flew Jeffrey’s radio controlled quadrodder and when my turn came, it flew on and on, and we lost it.

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Willy Street, Madison

11 May

Being new to East Side of Madison, especially on Willy street, i am always surprised at its diversity, its music and the strength of its community.  And then there is something called the West Side.  But no one on this side, the East side, takes that seriously. The spring events have started and the Marquette community center had its music, dinner and plant sale for women and children in need. Following which there will be three or four more festivals by different community groups from now until October. All with the best of music, food and people who like to support their neighborhood. I am so happy to be part of the East Side. Looking forward to spring and summer events. 

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