26 Aug

We often think we need lots of friends.  In fact a few friends is all that you need to make your life complete.  i am one of those people who do not have many close friends, but the few that  i have, make me me complete as a person and a human being.

This past week, a few of those close friends visited me in Madison. They reinforced and validated my new life in Madison, a city that i had spent less than two weeks in my life, until this past October.  It is a city that i have begun to feel belonged to.  Part of that feeling of belonging comes from the friendly, accepting of me and my many ideas and the support,  that the Madison people have demonstrated.  Some of these new friends will be part of me as i move into the Madison phase of my life.  i will value these new friends as much as i have valued my friends from the first 70 years of my life.

To friendships – now and for ever

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