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Snow and winter and family time in Madison

30 Nov

I know, i know, its been a long time since my last entry. But much has happened since October. A Place to Be is up and active. Check out the web site

I have organized quite a few discussions and events and the ideas and thoughts are evolving.  So far the Place received positive feedback from the community, but the concept is evolving so if the readers have any ideas after viewing the web site, please sent them on to

On a more personal note, my mother who will celebrate her 90th birthday in the US, arrives on December 10 in Madison, Wisconsin. My niece is her travelling companion to bring her across the Atlantic and my sister will take her back to her home in India.  We all are so thankful to her for being their for us during our lives.  I am so proud of her for travelling the distance to be with us in this very cold winter. For me she was my inspiration, my supporter. She guided me and pushed me to achieve what i have in life and be the person i am. Looking forward to having her with me for a few months. Snow and all. She is one brave lady.

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