Valentines and More

17 Feb

We want roses and we want chocolates on valentines day and i did get both, but i also got a bad cold, which was not asked for, however, such is life. Not to be defeated, we did get ourselves to a concert in minus 5 temperatures which felt like minus 20 with the wind factor.  We did not walk which we usually like to do since the Overture Center is only 25 minutes walking, sanity prevailed.   Of course to find a parking place meant leaving two hours ahead of the concert and found a place at a bar stool downtown for wine and appetizers as every restaurant of course was not taking any clients – except those who had reservations, which was just fine, i could not eat much anyway. Liquids is what my cold needed.  I followed the advice of my Uzbekistan friends who would say vodka is the best remedy, so vodka it was.

Today was a great day – woke up clear headed.  Went to the gym. Thanks to Rob who despite my whining pushed me to do more than i wanted to on the weights and it was good for me.  Went to A Place to Be, my lady cave, and put in solid five hours of work on my mother memoirs – which i am editing, she of course is the voice.  Selected some pictures to be scanned that we can add to the book.

A Place to Be had the monthly “Death Cafe Madison” conversation at 7pm. On the way home stopped at Sour Dough for their opening of the new dessert counter.  A must visit for all, heavenly looking and tasting treats.  Conversed with very interesting people, Madison is full of them. Had to come back home after making my appearance there to cuddle up under the warmth of my quilt.  My head reminded me that i was not quite as well as i wanted and hoped and my bode said that i  had done more than i was allowed. Now with a warm cup of tea, i wish all my family, friends and colleagues, good night

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