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a year of transition and starting a new enterprise

11 Oct

Last year in October i arrived in Madison knowing few people except friends of my spouse, Jeffrey Wright.  However, my many years working with the US Government, and moving from country to country, had given me the basic tools to move to a new place and ground myself and make friends. I had been doing this for most of my life as a foreign service officer with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).  I am a walker. Having recently retired from USAID,  i had plenty of time to walk, so i walked and stopped in bushiness and started a conversation, about my life and theirs.  People, despite the social media age and  being on face book, twitter, and many other social interactive sites, did want to talk and converse.  SO, it gave me an idea, why not open a salon where people can come and have creative conversations and discuss issues. So after a year,  I have had tremendous support from so may people in Madison for the idea and I will soon open A Place to be (picture below) where we can have face to face substantive discussions and a dialogue in an environment that is much like our living room. Comfortable and warm and welcoming.  The web site will be up very soon. I except to open the place first week of November with the  a discussion by small business owners who are women and what they bring to our community and challenges they face as women business owners.

If you live in Madison, please drop by. If you don’t and were to visit, do stop by and enjoy some artifacts that we have collected from around the world and will be on display at A Place to Be.


Fall and Art in Central Wisconsin

14 Oct

Art Among the Ice Age Trail:  What better time than fall to travel through Wisconsin and visit artists at their homes showing their art.  The art work ranging from pottery to paintings to baskets weaving, glass blowing and much more mixed with the rugged surroundings and brilliant fall colors made it a breathtaking experience.

The Ice Age Trail, one of the only eleven National Scenic Trails, is a thousand-mile footpath highlighting  Wisconsin’s Ice Age heritage. We walked two miles of it, leaving the rest for another time.

In addition to visiting artists’ studios, some in homes and some in barns, we  stopped at the Rising Star Mill, built in 1855 is one of the oldest flour mills, now turned into a museum.  Some pictures below of the trip and the fall colors.

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On the way back from Armenia

5 Sep

A stop over in England is recommended.  English towns are quaint and complete with cathedrals and beer drinking places and of course old architecture.  i visited friends in Salisbury, about two hours by bus and train from London, but it was worth it as the pictures below show 

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. on to Washington next.


12 Aug

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why do we think holidays are so great? On return, we need a rest from the the vacation. But you do eat a lot, walk a lot, bump into too many wide eyed tourists with maps in their hands and completely lost – but its all worth it, especially when you are in Prague, where i just spent four fabulous days.

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