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Three more days left in Armenia

28 Aug

The day started normal enough with a working breakfast and then the packers arrived and nothing was normal. With each item that was packed away, i bid farewell to my time in Armenia.  i have enjoyed my three plus years, made friends that will be friends for awlwasy, travelled to the near and far places in Armenia and hopefully my work and efforts made a difference. Time will tell. 

We started the pack out with some celeberations with my staff, Varia and Hamlet who have been with me on this tour and when i was here before 12 years ago. Some shots of my pack out – hope all of this makes it to my condo in Madison. 

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Packing and moving

18 Aug

Working in international development means  having to move every couple of years.  Its emotionally draining to say goodbyes to friends. It’s heartbreaking not knowing if you will see them again.  My plan is to leave quietly and pretend that I am just going away for a short trip. What makes it bearable is social media. You know you will stay in touch and not dependent on having to write letters that might take months to cross the oceans or may not get to their destinations, as was the case in the good old days.

Leaving my great balcony with a wonderful view of Mt. Ararat is going to be very hard. Not to mention the many wonderful images of people and scenes

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How much money is enough for reforms

31 Jul

I read today that the Armenian President believes that there is not enough money by donors to implement long lasting structural reforms. For being amongst one of the countries that receives the highest assistance per capita, i started to wonder how much is enough. A bigger question that comes to my mind is “how much is enough for political will”, some reforms dont take much money. Just a thought.

development in Armenia

24 Jul

This afternoon, a discussion on development and change in Armenia resulted in no

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clear picture. Armenia with tremendous potential, especially regarding its human resources, should be doing better. So what to do. Options ranged from: focus on the next generation, the elderly and the vulnurable, the farmers, structural and policy reforms, more infrastructure, etc, etc. Please contribute with your thoughts – Q is: what should be the priority for politicians, NGOs, the businesses and society at large, for Armenian to actualize its potential.

What MORE will i miss about Armenia

23 Jul

music, gorgeous scenery, mashtot market fruits (market does not exist now), old buildings down town which unfortunately are being torn down to be replaced by modern high rises.

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