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Organizing for America – my post retirement passion

25 Sep

Organizing for America, the East side office in Madison has more work then any one person can manage. They have a strong team, made up of young staff but backed by not so young volunteers like myself. There is high energy and everyone works hard and passionately to get President Obama elected for the second term.  This is one organization, then there are others such as We the People, Wisconsin – such organizations and all the study centers in Madison makes this a very attractive place to live.

My friends said that transition to retirement will be hard, yes and no.  i am busy four to five hours each day with the OFA work, i continue to be conscious of my exercise routine, i have participated in the local museum scene and have spent time getting settled back into my home after three years.

i am doing very exciting stuff and am busy – very busy.  But if you ask me if i am grounded here, i have to say not yet.  But i am sure it will happen. I have not given up on photography and here are some pictures from the trip to the Museum, the OFA office, and some old buildings around State street which will not be around for much longer.

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