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First week in Madison

16 Sep

If you can not be in New York or Washington, Madison is the place for you.  Everyone wears  their politics in this town (t-shirts, banners, stickers, yard sale posters) what ever it takes, people are out there letting you know what they believe in.  In addition,  there is the art scene and the music scene, not to mention all the academic study centers.

If you have to live in Madison, Williamson street is the street to be.  The   neighborhood holds four festivals during the season, number of  restaurants, a coop, a theater and 20 minutes walks from the capital.

My first week here in pictures. Music festival, tennis, visit to the dacha and much more 

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Family visits

25 Jul

My family loves to travel and visiting Armenia is special for them as i have spent so much of my work years in Armenia. My brother and his wife were here twelve years ago and i am very inerested to hear how they see the changes that have taken place in this country since their last visit. They were impressed by the new airport.

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what i will miss about Armenia

22 Jul

neighborhoods, kids playing, grapevines, lots and lots of people walking in the summer. Just friendliness. Wonderful view of Ararat from my balcony.

photo of view of Ararat from my apartment in Yerevan

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